VideoPro theme fix is a smart tool that allows you to smoothly integrate WP Video Robot with the VideoPro premium theme. It allows you to choose which layout to use when your imported video renders on the front-end. It replaces the use of dataFillers and allows the plugin to seamlessly use all the theme video features with your imported videos.

How it looks and works



--- v2.5 --- 15/09/2018 ---
- Corrected several security bugs.

--- v2.4 --- 09/05/2018 ---
- Added Video Actors metabox to WPVR Video
- Added condition of the theme metaboxs if the add-on deactivated or disabled.
- Added Cactus Ads Metabox.

--- v2.3 --- 10/02/2018 ---
- Corrected conflict when not using Regular post as a WPVR video.
- Corrected conflict when using self-hosted video.
- Corrected missing meta fields when importing using WPVR.
- Corrected the views conflict that was incrementing the views count by 2 or 3.
- Added support for black bars thumbnails correction on all VideoPro Styles.
- Added support for WPVR handled CPTs on the Video Shortcodes on Visual Composer Elements (SmartContentBox and VideoSlider).

--- v2.1 --- 31/12/2017 ---
- Improved 'Update Existing videos' button process.

--- v2.0 --- 30/11/2017 ---
- Implemented new add-on backbone.

--- v1.9 --- 30/10/2017 ---
- Added support for the latest version of WPVR.

--- v1.8 --- 10/09/2017 ---
- Added support for the theme live videos layout.
- Added default video layout under the addon options.

--- v1.7 --- 20/05/2017 ---
- Added a fix for the space between the embed code and the video text content.

--- v1.5 --- 30/04/2017 ---
- Corrected the featured image feature being removed for WPVR videos.

--- v1.4 --- 25/02/2017 ---
- Corrected the mysterious videos discrete deletion issue (Series Widgets Conflict).
- Corrected the conflict between VideoPro and WPVR select dropdowns.
- Corrected the views count error on imported videos.
- Corrected player including for seamless integration.
- Corrected the videos view count autoincrement and print issues.
- Fixed videos showing up on other CPTs archive loops.

--- v1.2 --- 20/02/2017 ---
- Added support for Video Station and replacement of the theme player.
- Corrected integration issues.
- Corrected channel, playlist and assignment/filtering issue.

--- v1.0 --- 20/11/2016 ---
- Initial Release.


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Read our extensive doc. about WPVR : WP Video Robot Documentation

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