Okay! You’ve created hundreds of sources to import videos right into your site. How do you do when you need to re-schedule all or part of them? It is a long and painful process. That’s where WPVR Scheduler comes into play. It introduces a beautiful scheduling interface, that allows you to schedule any number of sources on different time slots within a single click.

How it works

Once enabled, the plugin adds a new meta box on source edition screen. That allows you to choose one or several time slots when the source should be auto-executed. Moreover, the add-on has a time schedule interface, that allows you to pick a time slot and choose which sources should be scheduled on it. It also support Source Folders, so you can mass or bulk schedule your sources with ease.

The major benefit of this add-on, is the flexibility of scheduling your sources. With WPVR Scheduler, you can even schedule a source 5 times a day at different hours. Or maybe twice a week at different hours.


  • More flexibility when scheduling sources
  • No coding required
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports all video services
  • Supports Source Folders
  • Easily Reset a time slot or a whole day schedule
  • Intuitive dashboard


--- v2.0 --- 16/12/2020 ---
- Added support for WordPress 5.6 changes.
- Added support for PHP 7.3+.
- Improved security on the add-on AJAX calls.

--- v1.9 --- 15/09/2018 ---
- Added support of WPVR new caching and session systems.

--- v1.8 --- 31/12/2017 ---
- Implemented new add-on backbone.
- Moved the dashboard to schedule tab.
- Remove the reload page after enabling the addon.
- Fix source automation meta-box style.

--- v1.7 --- 30/04/2017 ---
- Added support for new WPVR Timezones feature.
- Corrected the Stress Calculation issue when scheduling sources weekly.

--- v1.6 --- 10/03/2017 ---
- Corrected the adding sources issue.

--- v1.5 --- 10/02/2017 ---
- Corrected the Scheduler forcing WPVR to use its agenda even after disabling the addon.

--- v1.4 --- 15/10/2016 ---
- Redesigned all Ajax communications for better security.
- Corrected some CSS issues.

--- v1.0 --- 20/02/2016 ---
- Initial release.
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Need help using this addon ? Read this addon tutorial

Read our extensive doc. about WPVR : WP Video Robot Documentation

Still need help ? Open a support ticket : Get help on Support Forums

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