Now you have imported thousands of videos with WP Video Robot, you should monetize your automated video website!


How it works

The Monetizer add-on will automatically add an overlay mask above all of your imported videos player. That way you can include a custom message or a Google Adsense code or even any other ad system JS code.

With Monetizer, you can even lock the video player for a defined delay. You can also set up a countdown counter and/or enable or disable the close button.


Start earning money right now !


  • No coding required
  • Seamless integration
  • Supports all video services
  • Fully responsive overlay
  • You can limit the use of Monetizer by category, video service and post type
  • You can lock the video player for a defined delay
  • You can also set up a countdown timer and define its label
  • You can choose whether to enable or disable the close button
  • All advertising platforms are supported (Google Adsense for instance)
  • You can define the message or arbitrary HTML to show on the Monetizer overlay


--- v3.0 --- 08/07/2020 ---
- Corrected conflict with VideoStation.
- Added support for latest VideoRobot changes.

--- v2.4 --- 10/02/2018 ---
- Fixed the AutoPlay filtering issue.

--- v2.3 --- 31/12/2017 ---
- Add post types to apply on.
- Add video services to apply on.
- Corrected some minor bugs.
- Fix the overlay.

--- v2.2 --- 30/11/2017 ---
- Implemented new add-on backbone.

--- v2.1 --- 10/03/2017 ---
- Added support for player replacement on VideoPro theme.

--- v2.0 --- 10/02/2017 ---
- Adapted to new hooks of WPVR v1.8.9.

--- v1.9 --- 07/09/2016 ---
- Corrected Google Adsense issue when using ads injection.

--- v1.8 --- 15/04/2016 ---
- Corrected Google Adsense Code vertical Align.
- Corrected a conflict with WPVR Customizer.

--- v1.7 --- 05/03/2016 ---
- Added Video Station autoplay support.
- Added Facebook Videos Autoplay support.
- Corrected Overlay Injection JS Errors.
- Added AutoHide Overlay Option.
- Corrected texteditor bug (thanks to MIKE ).
- Corrected custom HTML Centering.

--- v1.6 --- 20/02/2016 ---
- Added a,d reorganized Monetizer options.
- Adapted to the new version of WP Video Robot 1.8.
- Adapted to the new Video Service Facebook.
- Adapted to the new Video Station Addon.
- Corrected some errors of API authentication.

--- v1.0 --- 10/11/2015 ---
- Initial release.
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Read our extensive doc. about WPVR : WP Video Robot Documentation

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