Now you have imported thousands and thousands of videos, you probably want to add some text or arbitrary HTML on the video text content or around the video player. Editing each one of the imported videos can be a tough task.

That’s why we’ve created WPVR Customizer, a hassle-free tool that allows you to automatically print what you want around your video ? You can automatically add on the front-end, any arbitrary HTML around the video player and/or text content of your imported videos. It can be some information about your site, an ad or even promotional links.

Another way usage of Customizer, is to lock your imported videos using Social Locker shortcode and print it around the video player. You can also clean or sanitize you imported videos text content, to remove or replace URLs or links or even iframes.


How it works

Once the addon is installed and activated, it works like a front-end filter. You just have to configure the add-on through its options panel. There you can add an HTML code, a Google adsense code or even a shortcode that you want to  print before and/or after the video player, and also before and/or after the video text content.


  1. Automatically disable, remove or replace all links on the video text content
    What if one your imported videos has a link in its text body ? Your visitors can click on it and leave your website. Keep your visitors on your site for a longer time by disabling those links automatically or by removing them or better, by replacing them with your own custom HTML code.
  2. Add your branding around the Video Player
    You can print some logo or image before or after your video player
  3. Add Google Adsense Code
    You can easily implement your Google Adsense Javascript code into the video text content.
  4. Use custom shortcode to lock your video
    If you are using the ubiquitous Social Locker plugin, you can still lock the video player using some shortcode.



--- v2.3 --- 31/12/2017 ---
- Add Post Types to Handle.
- Add Video services to apply on.
- Correct Categories to apply on bug.
- Corrected some minor bugs.
- fix Iframes issue.

--- v2.2 --- 30/10/2017 ---
- Implemented new addon backbone.
- Corrected links and URLs replacement issue.
- Corrected iframe src URLs replacements.
- Improved the description of several options.

--- v2.1 --- 12/05/2017 ---
- Corrected a major bug when disabling the RSS Feed option (thanks to ikuboi).
- Added Video Text URLs processing.
- Added Video Text iframes processing.

--- v2.0 --- 03/03/2017 ---
- Corrected the empty content saving issue.
- Added Customizer injection on RSS Feeds.
- Added the video service url on available Customizer tags.

--- v1.9 --- 10/02/2017 ---
- Added video text content URL removal feature.
- Added Video Title and Video Description TAG for customizer editor.
- Corrected the Customizer filtering issue.
- Redesigned the hooking logic for better stability and more compatibility with themes.

--- v1.8 --- 20/08/2016 ---
- Added hooks to extend the prefixes and suffixes programmatically (hooks.php).
- Added tags support to customize templates.

--- v1.6 --- 25/04/2016 ---
- Improved the remove links bugs with link replacement.
- Added option to remove or disable links.

--- v1.5 --- 25/03/2016 ---
- Corrected the remove links bugs (not working on some themes).

--- v1.4 --- 25/03/2016 ---
- New options interface.
- Corrected some minor bugs.

--- v1.0 --- 10/10/2015 ---
- Initial Release.
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Need help using this addon ? Read this addon tutorial

Read our extensive doc. about WPVR : WP Video Robot Documentation

Still need help ? Open a support ticket : Get help on Support Forums

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