Taxonomies are a WordPress grouping mechanism for posts, links or custom post types. In other words, they are a more flexible way to organize or classify any type of content on your site. The WPVR Custom Taxonomies add-on will allow you to attach your own custom taxonomies terms to your imported videos.

How it works

Let’s say you have been importing trailer videos. Using WPVR sources, You can automatically assign categories to your videos. Let’s assume you are also using another type of categories, like Actors and you have already defined terms for this taxonomy: Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Will Smith, etc … This add-on allows you to define which actors should be automatically assigned to the videos being imported,¬†on a source basis.


  • No coding required
  • Seamless integration
  • Compatible with any custom taxonomy


--- v2.0 --- 31/12/2017 ---
- Add Post Types to Handle.
- Corrected some minor bugs.

--- v1.9 --- 30/10/2017 ---
- Implemented new addon backbone.
- Corrected empty taxonomies bug.
- Override source CT settings when a taxonomy is not handled by the addon.
- Added print selected taxonomies terms on the video listing screen.

--- v1.8 --- 02/07/2017 ---
- Removed Source folders from available taxonomies dropdown.
- Changed the implementation of postTaxonomies on CT and WPVR.
- Added support for COLO taxonomies handling.

--- v1.7 --- 20/02/2017 ---
- Corrected the video manual adding bug.
- Corrected the taxonomies not being recognized in some cases.

--- v1.5 --- 01/04/2016 ---
- Adapted to the new version of WPVR Video Widgets.
- Corrected some minor bugs.

--- v1.4 --- 05/03/2016 ---
- Corrected add terms bug.
- Removed source folders from available taxonomies.

--- v1.0 --- 20/05/2015 ---
- Initial Release.
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